Sandeman Imperial Reserve Tawny Port (20%)

The Sandeman Winery was founded as early as 1790, by George Sandeman. Sandeman specializes in the import and manufacture of port wines and sherries and has remained on that path to this day. Today, it is one of the largest producers of port and sherry.

Sandeman Tawny is made using the traditional method. The grapes are crushed, part of the grape skins are removed, but otherwise the juice is fermented at the right temperature. After fermentation, the wines are matured in oak barrels. Sandeman Tawny is a blend of 4-12 year old port wines, the average age of the wines used in the blend is about 7 years. The 50cl bottle was for sale at a promotional price of € 10.

The aroma has prune and dried cherry, vanilla, raisin and caramel. The aroma is not so strong, but otherwise pleasant. The taste is very soft, balanced and sweetish. Fruits, berries, a little nuts, prune and apricot, oak and sweet cherry. The wine is strong tannic and quite sour, however, there is so much sweetness that the drink is well balanced. Sandeman Tawny is a very pleasant port wine. The taste is soft and suitably sweet, has plenty of tannings but has a nice body.  Compared to ruby ​​from the same producer, Tawny is significantly better. The taste is pleasant, but not very deep and rich. However, for its price it is a good and recommended choice.


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    Maravilhoso, na última viagem a Portugal visitamos e compramos o vinho sanderman, è maravilhoso muito saboroso.

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