Rozes Porto Fogo Ruby (19%)

Porto Fogo belongs to well known Rozes portfolio. Rozes was established at 1855 by Ostendo Rozes, which was years working on Bordeaux as wine merchant. He wanted to come back to home country and start port wine production. Ostendo son Edmond Rozes continue the production and made Rozes a multinational brand.

Porto Fogo is made by Touriga Nacional, Tinta Barroca, Tinta Rosiz and Touriga Francesa grapes. There is not so much infos about Porto Fogo available, but taking notice of it’s price, it’s propably a bulk selling trademark of excess wines. It is sold mostly on eastern-Europe and Far East. 75cl bottle bought from Maxima at 6.99€.

It’s very light and juicy ruby port, with berry and strawberry aromas. Fogo is so juicy that raises doubts has it been fermented at all. Propably the grape must have been fortified and bottled right away. Due to rich sweetness there are not so much other than grape must flavours, aftertaste is also short and bland. There is not any hints of maturation. Maybe it’s purchace order of some big wholeseller, have been wanted port wine for very low price and Rozes have done what is possible. It suits only for binge drinking with soda water/lemonade or for cocktails.


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