Liviko Coffee (21%)

Coffee liqueur is the basic product of most alcohol manufacturers and of course also Estonian Liviko produces it. Arabica coffee beans, sugar, water and rectified spirit have been used. The product is bottled quite inexpensively in a plastic bottle with a very simple label. 50 cl cost €5.65.

The liqueur is quite pale, the color is perhaps closer to VS cognac than to coffee. The smell is basic coffee liqueur-like: sweet with a slight coffee aroma. The mouthfeel is a bit thick, but not overly sugary. The taste is light, relaxed, pleasantly sweet, softly coffee’ish. Liviko Coffee is best drunk neat. It doesn’t even need ice cubes in the glass, which would dilute the taste too much. The taste of coffee is too light for cocktails. Liviko Coffee is an affordable and pleasant coffee liqueur, considering the price, it is a decent product.


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