Lunazul Blanco Tequila (100% agave) 40%

Lunazul is one of the few real tequilas (made by 100% agave) on sale in supermarkets in Estonia where I live. It’s occasionally available also on pubs where often do not see other than Sierra or Sauza. Lunazul was established at 2004 by Francisco Beckmann. He is is a seventh generation descendent of Jose Antonio de Cuervo, who is said to be the first tequila distiller in Mexico. 70cl bottle bought from SuperAlko at 17.90€.

Aroma is rich, there is cooked agave, apple, almonds and hint of mint. Taste is smooth and fruity on the beginning, but then turns quickly to dry mineral and peppery. Burn is quite light, aftertaste rich, but rather dry and pepper notes stay on the mouth for a long time. It’s too dry and peppery for drinking neat, entirely is immature and temperamental like a teenage girl. So Lunazul blanco is definitely a mixer, it gives a nice kick and aroma for classic cocktails like Margarita or Paloma. For the price range it’s pretty good tequila and leaves high hopes for the same series matured versions reposado and anejo. 


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