Sierra Silver Tequila (38%)

Sierra tequila is owned by German company Borco. It was published at 1981 and after a year it was already most sold tequila in Germany. Due to producer, it nowadays have 87% market share for all sold tequilas in Germany. Also it’s most sold tequila in many other countries in Europe, but globally Jose Cuervo (owned by Diageo) is still bigger on sale numbers. 

Sierra have three different tequila series, Sierra, Antiguo and Milenario, for which last two is made 100% for agave juice. Sierra Silver is made 51% for agave juice and the rest is distilled from corn and other sugars. Purchase price for 50cl bottle 12.99€ (Maxima/Estonia)

Sierra Silver with red sombrero cap is well recognizable in most alcohol stores. With cliche label where mexican is playing guitar in agave fields, it’s that what people expect for tequila. Aroma is pungent, there is raw agave, straw and some kind of solvent or varnish. Taste is sweet on the beginning, but soon turns rough and burning. By taking a closer look you may find hints of lemon and other fruits and black pepper. But usually this kind of cheap tequilas are drinked by shots with salt and lemon wedge, so don’t expect then other tastes than raw agave burn. Luckily the aftertaste is very short so pain will not last forever. Overall Sierra Silver is not the worst tequila, at least it have strong agave taste, when many other bottom-shelf tequilas are very light on any flavours. 


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