Olmeca Altos Reposado (38%)

Olmeca Altos is perhaps the most widely sold (100% agave) tequila in stores, at least in Europe. In addition to the clear Plata tequila, Reposado is usually on sale, and sometimes also the older Anejo version. The brand is owned by Pernod-Ricard. The manufacturer emphasizes the original tahona -method in marketing. In it, the agave fruit is crushed in a stone mill (tahona) weighing several tons, where the volcanic grindstones are said to give some original aroma. However, Altos is a blend in which only part of it is agave pulp crushed by the tahona -process and a larger part by a stainless steel mill. After crushing, the agave mass is fermented in steel tanks and finally distilled twice with a copper pot still. After distillation, the distillate is matured for 8-10 months in ex-Bourbon barrels. A 70 cl bottle costs about € 25.

The nose is similar to Altos Plata. Ripe agave, fruit (pineapple / apple), citrus, a little vanilla and black pepper. The taste is smooth and a little sweet, but not as aromatic as you might expect. In addition to agave there is caramel, vanilla, pepper and other spices and a little orange peel. The aftertaste is quite short and slightly spicy. The effect of the whiskey barrel is felt, it has softened the taste and given a little oak aroma, albeit very little. The reposado is still quite sharp and not very enjoyable to sip neat. The sharpest burn of alcohol in the distillate has been cut-off, but it has not yet matured so much in 10 months. It is literally rested (reposado) but not yet really matured. Plata Reposado can be easily shooted on at the dining table and at parties, but in better use it is still on cocktails. When the price is usually exactly the same as with Plata, I would prefer to choose Reposado even if it is used solely for Margaritas.


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