Dos Mexicanos Silver Tequila (40%)

Dos Mexicanos is a product of Sodiko N.V from Belgium. It’s produced by Agave Azul San Jose, from Jalisco, Mexico. They are specialized at wholeselling the tequila to different producers at Europe, which bottle it with using their own brands. Agave Azul have over 100 years experience of tequila making and they have own agave fields on both lowland and highland areas.

Agave pinas are heated on steel containers before crushing. After that the agave juice is fermented at steel tanks. Fermented agave juice is distilled twice in huge distilling colum and the strong, over 60% alcohol is transported to Belgium, where Sodeko blend it with corn sugar distillate, dilute and bottle it. 70cl bottle was 9.99€ at IKI-market at Lithuania.

It’s very light tequila. It have pungent ethanol aroma and only hints of agave behind it. Taste is sweet but bitter on the same time, there is hint of agave and some smoke. Burn is pungent but short, aftertaste is very short and have hint of smoke and fruit notes. It’s quite typical cheap market mixto tequila, very neutral taste profile, only hint of agave to inform it is tequila, not other distillate. There is nothing disturbing on the taste, it’s just very light and bland. It suits only for base spirit on drinks but not for the exacting cocktails because the agave taste is so thin.


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