Olmeca Blanco Tequila (38%)

Olmeca is produced in Jalisco, Mexico and it’s owned by Pernod Ricard. It’s established at 1967. It have got it’s name at Olmec civilization, which was one of the first civilization at south-America, existed at 1500-600 BC.

Olmeca is manufactured by 7-8 years old agave pinas. After harvesting pinas are slowly cooked in stone oven. What makes Olmeca special is their 500 years old tahona -method, where 2000 kg round stone is using to crush the pinas and separate the juice from them. This tahona -juice is then used to make Olmeca tequilas. After fermentation it’s distilled two times in copper still. Olmeca mixto have only 51% of the distilled agave juice, the rest is made from other sugars, mainly corn and cane sugar distillate. 50cl bottle costs 8.90€ at Maxima.

Olmeca blanco is very easy tequila, nose and taste are both light and thin, there is plenty of fruit notes, some pepper and only hint of agave on the background. That few agave what there is , tastes very well cooked so it feels the manufacturing process is been slow and decent. There is some sweetness on the taste, so it feels smooth and burn is very mild. Aftertaste is short and smooth. It’s very easily approachable tequila, suits very well for those who haven’t acquainted yet for the world of tequilas. Anyway, for cocktails Olmeca is very light and do not give enough agave taste. So it’s better to drink as shots with the cliche salt and lemon combo.


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