Agavita Tequila Blanco (38%)

Agavita is produced by privately owned company Cooperativa Tequilera la Magdalena at Jalisco area. It’s very young company, established at 1998. Magdalena have also own Tequila brands but most of their production is been wholesaled to world to been bottled as mixto tequilas. 70cl bottle was bought at price 9.99€ at Rimi.

Agavita have quite original earthy aroma, wet grass and soil, bit of cooked agave. Anyway taste is very light and thin, it have enough sweetness to have soft and light alcohol burn. Aftertaste is short and have distinct moonshine aroma, it looks the 49% of the mixto is done quite cheaply for corn sugar. Anyway, it’s light and thin tequila which have more grass and plant notes than agave. A bit scruffy bottle label indicates exactly what this product is, cheap low quality market mixto-tequila.


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