Meukow VSOP (40%)

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The cognac brand founded by the Russian Meukow brothers has come a long way during its 170-year history. The cognac house has sometimes been owned by a Scottish, a German, as well as a French gentleman. Today, Meukow’s operations are run by the french family company Compagnie de Guyenne. The classic panther bottle is a familiar sight in many liquor stores and has become Meukow’s trademark. VSOP is put together from the distillates of grapes grown in all six different cognac regions, which have been aged for about five years. Meukow’s cognacs are sold in more than 80 countries. In terms of price, Meukow is slightly more expensive than the average, a 35 cl bottle costs €19 in Estonia.

The nose is mellow and rich. Dark chocolate, toasted oak, raisin and ripe fruit. The taste is strong and typical for classic cognac. The taste has vanilla, roasted coffee,, oak and ripe fruit. A little spiciness, licorice and hazelnut. The aftertaste is long and slightly spicy. By adding a little water, the vanilla aroma is accentuated. Balanced and clean-lined VSOP cognac. Not so complex, but functional and very pleasant. A sure choice for cognac lovers. Meukow VSOP is a cognac that I would buy again and also gift to my friends.


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