Reviseur VSOP (40%)

Domaines Francis Abecassis is one of the largest private family businesses operating in Cognac province. They grow grapes on their own 370 acres in the Petite Champagne region. Abecassis owns four different cognac brands, the best known are ABK6, Reviseur and Leyrat. Reviseur Single Estate is made exclusively from its own production. Usually cognac houses buy and blend distillates from several different manufacturers; some of the big brands do not have their own production at all. Abecassis has been around for over 100 years, so they have enough old stock to use for baseline cognacs. Reviseur VSOP is said to be blended from distillates aged for 5-10 years. Reviseur is mainly targeted at the Scandinavian and Eastern European markets. Abecassis cognacs are imported to Estonia by Koch, so they are available mainly from CityAlko and SuperAlko stores, which belong to the same group. A 70cl bottle costs about €30.

The aroma is fruity, sweet and slightly spicy. Cinnamon, leather and peanuts. The taste is sweet and quite young, but still smooth enough. Caramel, milk chocolate and leather. Roasted oak and a touch of dark berries. The aftertaste has more spiciness, black pepper, vanilla and slightly bitter nuances. Reviseur VSOP is at the same time rather young but still clearly matured. There may be a little more alcohol burn than cognacs in this age group on average. It’s not young like a VS but has a feeling of quite mediocre and simple cognac. Given that it is a single-estate cognac, the somewhat one-sided taste profile is understandable. Reviseur VSOP is a basic and rather cheap cognac, does not offer anything special but does its job well, especially in cocktails.


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