Valentino Amaretto (21%)

Valentino is one of the three amaretto liqueurs made by the Belgian Sodiko. Sodiko is a young company whose core business is to produce a variety of alcohols as cost-effectively as possible and sell them in Eastern European stores at affordable prices. In the Baltic countries, Sodiko’s products are sold exclusively by the Lithuanian grocery chain Maxima. Sodiko does not want to give any information about Valentino, not even on their own website. Their business strategy does not include any marketing. 70 cl bottle bought from Maxima at a special price of 5.99€, the normal price for it is around 8€.

The aroma is light and soft, slightly almondy. The mouthfeel is quite thick, but the liqueur is not too sugary. The taste is sweet, soft, almondy and has a bit of bitter almond bitterness. The aftertaste is smooth and sweet, pleasantly almondy. Valentino is a fairly light but well balanced amaretto liqueur. The taste of bitter almonds is not very strong, but still clearly recognizable. The sugar content is just good, the liqueur is pleasant to sip neat. In cocktails, the taste of bitter almonds is a little too thin, at least compared to what more expensive amaretto liqueurs can give. Valentino is a basic-level Amaretto, significantly better than the Grand Collection Classic made by the same company. If you like amaretto and don’t bother buying a twice more expensive Disaronno, Valentino is a rather good option.


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