Amaretto Bonino (21%)

Bonino is produced by the German Condor GmbH, which has more than a hundred products in its portfolio, ranging from vodka to absinthe. Most of Condor’s sales are in Germany, but they also export products abroad, mainly to Eastern Europe and the Far East. Condor’s brands are quite unknown and they are not marketed anyway. The company’s strategy is to manufacture in large volumes and sell its products in large quantities through supermarkets. A 20 cl bottle cost 3.15

The nose is quite light, but it certainly has the typical bitter almond aroma. A hint of chocolate and nuts is also noticeable. The taste is soft and light. Bitter almonds flavor is quite light and has a distinctly industrial note. Essential and slightly perfumey. The liqueur is not too sweet, the aftertaste has a slightly pungent bitter note. Due to the relatively moderate sugar content and lightness, Bonino is easy to sip and the 20 cl small bottle is comfortable to slip into your pocket when you hit the nightlife. If you want more volume, you can fill half the bottle with whiskey. Bonino can only be recommended for this purpose. For cocktails and drinks, its taste is too lean and light.


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