Brandvins Aronia Moonshine (40%)

LV Destilati is a small distillery near Jelgava, Latvia. The company produces various distillates, using berries, apples and other fruits. The distillery is using very traditional methods. The berries or fruits are first fermented into wine and then distilled using wood-heated distillation equipments. There is information about the company only in latvian language and the products are only sold in Latvia. Aronia distillate was found in a liquor store in Latvia for €13.75/50cl.

The aroma of aronia is very recognizable in the nose. The taste also has a slightly sour, decent aronia aroma. The distillate is quite strong and sharp, as you might expect from a small producer’s fruit brandy. Still smooth enough that you can easily sip it neat. It’s certainly a high-quality product and a good example of the Latvian craftsmanship. Aronia is just not perhaps the best raw material to launch a new product. After all, it is a rather sour berry when you eat it. Even though LV Destillati’s aronia distillate is not something that you would like to sip every day, I still have a very good impression of the distillery. I will definitely buy some other of their products as well, if I come across them when I visit Latvia. An honest and unpretentious crafted distillate.


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