Abavas Burkans (Carrot) (38%)

Abavas is a small winery in Latvia, founded in 2010. The winery which started as a romantic family company has grown over the years into a joint venture of three families. In addition to various wines and ciders, the company also produces distillates, for example from apples and various berries. However, the more exotic distillate is made from carrots grown on their own farm. Vodka has been made from potatoes for ages, but carrots have been used for the same purpose less often. However, Abavas Burkans is not carrot vodka, but is categorized in the eau-de-vie section, i.e. fruit distillates. The company does not say anything about the manufacturing process,  just that it is pot-distilled twice. Carrot distillate is only produced in small quantities and can be found in a few stores in Latvia. In the company’s own online store it is already sold out. A 35 cl bottle cost €12.99 in Latvia.

The distillate is transparent in the glass, but its viscosity is slightly thicker than vodka. The smell is really pleasant. Very aromatic, slightly fruity and rather sweet. And yes, there is also a tiny aroma of carrot. The taste has a bit of sweetness and the same rather exotic aroma as nose. The slightly sour-sweet aroma of the carrot is also well carried over to the distillate. The taste is much the same as Pisco, the South America un-matured brandy. However, the carrot gives a different base to the taste than the grapes. The taste has an earthy root aroma with fruity notes as well. The taste is not mind-blowing, but exotic and original, even though the distillate is made from such a common plant as carrot. A great experience and worth picking up if you happen to come across it in a shop in Latvia.


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