Cinzano Bianco Vermouth (15%)

Italian Cinzano have a long history, the company was established already at 1757 by brothers Giovanni Giacomo and Carlo Cinzano. It is nowadays owned by Campari, who bought it from Diageo at 1999. Cinzano is the second biggest vermouth producer at Italy (after Martini & Rossi) and their products are on sale all around the world. Bianco is sweeter version of the dry vermouth, also have less herbal content than Rosso. The herbs used for Cinzano Bianco is a secret, but at least wormwood, cinnamon, clove, majoraan, thyme, yarrow and gentians are on the list. 100cl bottle costs 9.69€ at Rimi (Estonia). 

Cinzano Bianco is light, slightly herbal and sweet vermouth. Aroma and taste are pretty much the same, it’s very smooth, sugar and herbs are well balanced. It’s not just sweeter version of Extra Dry but have different taste profile. Easy drinking, smooth, slightly bitter and very lightly herbal, herbs will not disturb anybody. It’s nice to drink on it’s own or with some soda water added. 


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