Filipetti Vermouth di Torino Bianco (14.80%)

The Filipetti winery was founded in 1922 by Giuseppe Filipetti, from the Piedmont region of northwestern Italy. The Piedmont region has more than 20,000 wine cellars and there has been produced more than 300 million liters of wine each year. The area is also the birthplace of vermouths. In the city of Turin Antonio Carpano developed vermouth in 1786.

In 1990, Filipetti was acquired by Perlino, one of the largest producers of sparkling wine and vermouth in the same area. Perlino also has its own vermouth brands and selections. So apparently the company is driving the Filipetti brand down because it doesn’t want to invest in marketing for two different brands.

Bianco vermouths are less herbal, lighter than red vermouths, but sweeter than dry vermouths. Bianco Vermouths are especially popular in Eastern Europe, where there are a few companies that make only Bianco versions (including Totino in Poland). 100 cl bottle bought from Latvia for 5.99 €.

Filipetti Bianco is very sweet and sugary. Sweetness is the dominant element that hides other nuances behind it. The herbal content remains very moderate, there is almost no bitterness at all. The aftertaste is also short and rather bland. I suppose that the white wines used aren’t the highest quality on the market, so the aromas of it and minor herbs are thus covered under abundant sweetness. For drinking neat it is too sweet, it works better when mixed with soda water. But still it lacks taste and it is quite poor compared to other Bianco vermouths.


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