Gancia Vermouth Extra Dry (18%)

Gancia wine house was established at 1850 by Carlo Gancia. He was the first italian, who develop sparking wine with traditional champagne method from moscato grapes. Gancia vermouths are well known for concept ‘Classic Italian Aperatif’. The secret recipe have been same from the beginning and consist exotic herbs from the Alps, extracted to spirit and mixed to wine base. Purchace price for 100cl bottle 7.95€ (Kaupmees/Estonia).

Gancia Dry Vermouth is light, aroma is slightly spicy and herbal, fruity, smooth and dryish. It’s lighter than Martini & Rossi one, spiciness is on moderate level and taste profile is more fruity and flowery. For cocktails it brings more fruity freshness than spicy herbness. Aroma and taste are a bit tame level, but considering the price it’s pretty much what you can expect.


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