Martini & Rossi Vermouth Rosso (15%)

Rosso vermouth is the original and first product of Martini & Rossi, from which the manufacture of their vermouths began in 1863. Rosso is the creation of Luigi Rossi, he originally developed this blend of local wines and Italian herbs. The recipe for the drink is, of course, a well-kept secret, but it has used more than 30 herbs, of which at least coriander, sage, candles, chamomile and chamomile. Despite the red color, Rosso is made from white wine and later dyed red with sugar colouring. Rosso contains about 140g of sugar per liter. The product is available in 50cl, 75cl and 100cl bottles.

Martini Rosso is sweet, lightly spicy and pleasantly balanced. The aroma is sweet spicy, from which individual herbs are not able to recognize. Martini is a little spicier, more bitter and also drier than e.g. Cinzano. The taste is sweetish, pleasantly herbal and spicy. It has a slightly cinnamon and coffee-like aroma, anise and the soft spiciness of nutmeg. While the spiciness is strongly on display, the fruitiness of the grape juice is also involved.

The sugariness is well balanced, Martini Rosso is sweet, but by not surypu, more like sour-sweet. The taste is light and soft. The aftertaste remains for a long time with peppery spiciness. Martini Rosso is easy to drink as is or mixed with soda or tonic water. It’s like vermouth Volkswagen or Toyota Corolla, easy and light, but still recognizes it as vermouth. In cocktails it’s not the best option, due to its lightness it somehow disappears, like in Negroni or Manhattan. So I prefer to drink it neat or with soda or tonic water.


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