Cinzano Rosso Vermouth (15%)

Rosso was the first vermouth which Cinzano releases in Turin at 1757. It’s a blend of different white and red wines, sugar, wine distillates and over 35 different herbs and spices. The red colour it gets from the colourings, the red wine content is not so high, it’s mostly done from white wines. Cinzano is nowadays owned by Campari and is the second biggest vermouth producer in Italy. 75cl bottle was bought on discounted price 5€ at Rimi (Lithuania).

The nose have a lot of same than Bianco from the same producer, but it’s deeper and more spicy. Taste is lightly sweet, very smooth and subtle, lightly spicy, very well balanced. When Extra Dry was strongly herbal, Bianco light and floral, Rosso is mellow and spicy. Rosso is best on it’s own (cooled) or with a splash of soda water. If using more soda than a splash, the spices will be disappear so it’s not the best choice for a long drinks. Anyway, for cocktails it leaves more room for the base spirit aromas and do not dominate as much as Martini Rosso does. 


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