Perlino Bianco Vermouth (15%)

Perlino winehouse was established at 1905 by Giuseppe Perlino. At 1930 Perlino decides to focus on vermouths and sparkling wines and the production of the them have continued until these days. The company is still a family company, it was changed a corporation until at 2004. 

The production of Bianco starts for macerating the herbs and spices on alcohol at least 30 days. Then herb infusion is mixed with white wine, sugar and alcohol. Some preservatives are been added to ensure the shelf life. There is 176g sugar per litre. 100cl bottle cost 8.99€.

Aroma is pleasant, have some herbs and plenty of vanilla. Taste is smooth, light but thin compared to stronger vermouths like Cinzano or Martini. It´s sweet but not too much.  Perlino is very easy drinking, light and pleasant bianco. It’s just too thin, reminds cheap sweet white wine with just a hint of herbs and spices. It’s good value of money and nice bianco to try once. It’s good choice for first vermouth, but I prefer to go for stronger flavours with more herbal content. 


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  1. melisa

    great review, my mom absolutely loves this vermouth (with gin, specially)! you saved my homework and my grades haha

    1. admin

      Perlino is cheap and works very well in cocktails.

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