Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 Tennessee Whiskey (40%)

Jack Daniels whiskeys are produced in Jack’s Daniels Distillery, Lynchburg, Tennessee. It has been owned since 1956 by the conglomerate Brown-Forman Corporation. The whiskey developer is Jasper Newton Daniel, who was born in the mid-19th century (the exact year of birth is unknown). Jesper learned how to make alcohol from his father, Dan Call, who was a priest and a scavenger. Jesper founded his own distillery in 1875. Jesper died in 1911 and before his death he transferred the distillery to his two nephews, one of whom, Lemuel Motlow, had owned the distillery for more than 40 years.

Jack Daniels is produced on almost the same principles as Bourbon whiskeys, with 80% corn, 12% rye and 8% malted barley in the mash. After fermentation, the wort is distilled only once, but it is filtered through a layer of maple carbon before maturing in the barrel. The manufacturer does not say how long the whiskey is matured, it is “bottled when it is ready”. With these factors being the biggest differences from bourbons, the product does not meet the conditions imposed on Bourbon, so the manufacturer calls it Tennessee whiskey. Jack Daniel’s is today the best known and best-selling American whiskey, with a square bottle with a black label in an almost iconic position.

Jack Daniels is surprisingly smooth despite the large production volumes. The sweetness is emphasized in the aroma and taste, caramel, toffee and overripe banana are strongly present. Jack Daniels doesn’t have the same spiciness as many bourbons, probably because of the higher proportion of corn in the mash bill. The sweetness of the corn makes it easier to sip. However, Jack Daniels is also a strong and harsh spirit, although there are the smooth caramel nuances to smoothen it. The sweet, harsh and quite one-sided taste starts to irritate quite quickly, so it’s definitely better for mixed drinks. For sure, Jack Daniels is almost always on display with Coca-Cola. The sweet, banana like flavor pairs perfectly with Coca-Cola, and Jack & Coke is one of the best-selling whiskey drinks in bars. 


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