Jamskaja Mjagkaja Vodka (40%)

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Jamskaja Mjagkaja is a Russian vodka produced by Rust Russia. It was founded in 2003 and has merged several different distilleries and alcohol producers from all over Russia. Rust Russia is part of the Rust Group, the world’s second largest vodka producer. It has a market share of about 15% of vodka sales. Distilleries are located in Moscow, Novosibirsk, St. Petersburg and Tbilisi, Georgia. Rust Russian products are sold in more than 20 countries and the best known of their vodkas are Green Mark and Taika. 

Jamskaja Mjagkaja is a traditional vodka made from wheat. It has been filtered seven times through a silver filter and a little sugar syrup, glycerin and lactic acid have been added to soften the taste. A 50 cl bottle costs around 7€ in Estonia.

The aroma is typical of wheat vodkas, neutral and very lightly grainy. A little stinging ethanol, but otherwise very pure. The taste is soft and sweetish, but quite sharp. After a pungent bite, the aftertaste feels like wheat and sweet wheat bread. Mixed with water, the sweetness is emphasized and you notice that it has been clearly sweetened with additives.

Jamskaya Mjagkaya is a slightly unbalanced vodka. The taste is sharp and the sweeteners are not hiding it. The sweet and pungent taste is not what you would expect from a quality vodka. Of course, Jamskaya is at the lower end of the Price Range, being one of the cheapest vodkas made in Russia. Apart from the low price, there is really nothing to recommend. The grainy taste is pleasant in itself, but it doesn’t save much in this case.


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