Martini & Rossi Vermouth Bianco (15%)

Martini & Rosso’s Bianco vermouth has been made since 1910. The name of the product comes from the word Bianchissimo or “The Whitest”, inspired by white flowers and vanilla. The light wine is carbon-filtered, flavored with herbs and vegetables (mainly from the Alps), then sweetened with sugar and fortified with alcohol distilled from the wine.

Four Italian friends founded a vermouth-focused company in 1847 in Pession, Italy. A few years later, Alessandro Martini joined the ranks and became the director of the company in 1863, together with Teofilo Sola and Luigi Rossi. They began exporting vermouths from Italy to the rest of the world. Thirty years later, they were already available all over the world. 1879 The Sola family sold their stake in the company, which then changed its name to Martini & Rossi, as it is still known. In 1992, the company was taken over by Bacardi.

Today, Martini & Rossi is the king of vermouth in terms of sales, being by far its largest producer. As a brand, Martini is among the top five well-known brands. It’s bottled normally on 100cl bottles, but can be found on smaller 50cl bottles, which cost around 6 € in Estonia.

Martini & Rosso, the best-selling vermouth, is an industry standard to which others can be compared. Naturally, production volumes are staggering, so it puts its own realities into the product’s taste profile. The feel of what is handcrafted just doesn’t get one that is produced in tens of millions of gallons a year. However, Martini & Rosso Bianco is a very successful product, just the right sweet, single herbal, pleasant, slightly bitter and well balanced.


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