Martini Fiero (14.90%)

Fiero is Martini & Rossi’s counterpart to the amazingly popular Aperol. Fiero is a white wine-based drink flavored with blood orange peel and juice, lemon peel and typical vermouth spices. Fiero does not fall into traditional vermouth categories and the manufacturer calls it orange vermouth. On Martini&Rossi’s website, Fiero is recommended to enjoy with mixed drinks. A 75cl bottle costs €10 in Estonia.

There is clearly a hint of orange in the nose, and a little traditional vermouth aromas pops from the background. In the taste, the orange is no longer so dominant, although it appears the fastest at the beginning. The taste is refreshingly bitter, where the bitterness of the Gentian and the bitterness of the citrus fruit varies. It’s perfectly bitter-sweet and avoids nicely being not too sugary. The fruity taste brings freshness, which almost completely covers the a bit musty flavor which is typical for Rosso vermouths. The white wine in the base is hardly felt at all, it could very well be made from neutral distilled alcohol as well.

When drunk neat, Fiero is fresh and tasty, and not too sweet. The recommended mixed drink, in which Fiero is mixed 50:50 with tonic water, is a little too bitter for my taste and weak in body. Soda water is better suited, so the taste remains cleaner and the spiciness of tonic water is no longer added to the already quite comprehensive flavor palette. On the other hand, in other vermouth cocktails, Fiero does not really work. The Negroni and Manhattan made from it was a bit too orange bitter and dry, while the traditional Rosso better supported the aromas of the host alcohol and brought sweetness and roundness. However, Fiero is cheerful and versatile vermouth for long summer drinks.


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