Mood Moonshine (40%)

Mood is a young craft distillery, located in the city of Riga in Latvia. Mood makes its own spirits from scratch, using the typical moonshine materials, white sugar, water and yeast. The fermented sugar wine is distilled several times and finally diluted to 40% strength with Latvian artesian water. In addition to the clear moonshine, Mood also has cranberry and blackcurrant flavored versions. Mood is currently only available in Latvia, where 50 cl bottles cost around € 16.

The aroma is fruity and sweet. The taste is quite sweet and very smooth. The taste also has fruity nuances, a bit of nuts and a slight taste of fermented sugar. The alcohol burn is soft, the taste is smooth from start to finish. The aftertaste is short and slightly sweet. Mood Moonshine is made very well and distilled professionally. When chilled, Mood fits very well on the dining table. It is very smooth and the light fruity nuances also give the mixed drinks an original touch.

The sugar used as a raw material is recognizable by its aroma and taste. It is not as neutral as most vodkas, which is just a good thing. Fermented sugar just has its own specific taste and Mood has just the right dose. Due to its taste profile, Mood Moonshine could also be suitable for rum cocktails, as it has similar fruit and a slightly sweet atmosphere than light rums have.


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