Nevskaya Premium Vodka (40%)

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Nevskaya Vodka is owned by Estonian alcohol producer Liviko. There is no infos where the rectified spirit is coming, from Russia or somewhere else. Anyway the special thing with Nevskaya is that it is filtered through milk. So some milk and some egg white is added to Vodka and mixed a little. Milk and the egg white react with fusel oils that Vodka contains and form sediment. It is then filtered through clothing to separate the pure vodka. The price for 100cl bottle was 10.99 at Alko1000.

Aroma is neutral but has some ethanol nuances. Mouthfeel is thick and creamy, very smooth. It is rather sweet but does not have any taste of grain or other which shows the raw material used. Aftertaste however has a bit of bitterness, which often exposes the quality of the used rectified spirit. Milk filtration has softened and smoothened the mouthfeel, but it does not hide the problem with rectified spirit, which is supposed to be bulk, very likely made from wheat and coming from the USA. It’s smoother than normally, but very typical cheap neutral vodka however. 


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