Pramia Yölintu Whiskey & Coffee Liqueur (21%)

Pramia is a Finnish alcohol producer. It was the first company to receive a license to manufacture alcoholic beverages in 2005 after the Finnish state relinquished its monopoly on alcohol production. Yölintu “Night bird” is a whiskey-coffee liqueur made by Pramia. According to Pramia, the name of the night bird comes from a “well-known cocktail containing coffee and whiskey” but when I searched online for how to make it, I didn’t find a single recipe. Anyway, Pramia’s “ready-to-drink” Night Bird cocktail is made from Scotch whiskey, water, sugar and coffee. It is packed in a 35 cl plastic bottle.

The aroma is quite sweet and has a slightly smooth coffee aroma. The mouthfeel is semi-thick and very soft, but it is not a very sugary product. The taste has a soft coffee aroma at the beginning, which slowly fades away. Nothing else will come up later. The burn of alcohol is very light, almost unknown. The aftertaste has mainly sugary sweetness and shades of coffee. There is not any taste of whiskey at all. The taste is short, watery and quite dull. 

Yölintu is a pleasant, smooth and easy-to-drink liqueur, but mentioning whiskey here is mostly a bad joke. It is a typical cheap liqueur packed in a plastic bottle, a light, sweet and fairly poor product.


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