Salvodore San Marti 5YO (40%)

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Salvodore is a Moldovan brandy. It is manufactured by Ungheni-Vin and imported into the Baltics by Respomar. It is mainly sold in Maxima grocery stores in all Baltic countries. In addition to the Baltics, it is also available at least in Ukraine. Ungheni-Vin produces brandy under several different brands. Salvodore San Marti is apparently not very important to them, because you can’t find any information about it on the internet. It is probably mixed from leftover distillates and offered to the market at a low price. According to retailer Respomar, grape distillates have matured for an average of 5 years. A 50 cl bottle cost €7.99.

The nose has ripe fruit, a bit of spiciness and some sort of metallic aroma. The taste has a bunch of sweetness at the beginning, followed by a rather tight alcohol bite. The taste is quite light, slightly fruity, oaky and not much else. The sweetness comes back in the aftertaste together with a hint of oak. As usual, a splash of water softens the taste, but does not bring out anything new. Salvodore 5 is clearly matured, it does not have the freshness and sharp burn of a young distillate. The taste is rather cloying, thick and short. However, Salvodore is very affordable and you can try it if you have not been familiar with Moldovan brandies before.


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