Southern Comfort (35%)

Southern Comfort is a fruit flavoured “whiskey” liqueur. It was created in 1874 and originally it used whiskey as a base spirit. Later the whiskey was replaced by neutral grain spirit and just a whiskey flavoring was used. In 2017 Sazerac bought the brand and returned the bourbon whiskey to its root spirit. The bottle here is still the old version, produced by past owner Brown-Forman. 70cl bottle was bought for 15.90€.

Nose have plenty of fruits. Peach, orange, cherry, plenty of vanilla. Taste is sweet, fruity and a bit spicy. It has honey, peach, vanilla and cinnamon. There is a certain alcohol bite, even though it’s sweet and has just 35% ABV. Taste is quite short and on aftertaste there comes some bitter artificial nuances, which are quite unpleasant. I did not like so much Southern Comfort neat, it’s definitely meant to be used on cocktails. It mixes well with ginger ale and fruit juices. 


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