Viru Valge Green Apple (37.5%)

Viru Valge is a traditional Estonian vodka, founded in the 60’s in Tallinn. In addition to the traditional vodka, the producer Liviko, following the current trends, has also developed various flavored vodkas. There are six different flavors in the Cocktail vodka series. The Green Apple is a fresh apple-flavored version. The product is for sale in a 50cl bottle for about 8 € and can be found in alcohol stores and the largest grocery stores.

The aroma is perky and has even a little unnatural apple aroma. It reminds me a lot of apple flavored chewing gum. The taste also has the same slightly artificial aroma of apple gum. The taste is also quite sharp and bitter. There is a bit of sweetness, but I do not think a lot of sugar has been added. The aroma of slightly sour and fresh green apples is quite well presented. While sipped neat, the sour and chewy taste does not offer a big emotion, but on the other hand, it is not unpalatable either. Apple spirit is quite a nice variation for a dinner table and I could imagine that it would go well with an apple-meat dish. Drinks from Viru White Green Apple could be made for example with tonic water and lemon juice.


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