Wenneker Creme De Cassis (15%)

Wennerer Creme de Cassis is made by black currant concentrate, sugar, water and strong alcohol. It’s very low for alcohol by volume, so there is needed to use loads of sugar to guarantee the shelf life. 50cl bottle was bought at Promo Cash&Carry at 7.90€.

Wenneker is established at 1693, when Dutch Hendrick Steeman was granted to build two distilling unit. A century later, at 1812 it was bought by Joannes Wenneker. Joannes gran-grand-grand-son Franciscus sold the company to Johannes Cornelis van Der Tuijin at 1903. The company is still owned by Van Der Tuijin family, now by fourth generation. Wenneker is one of the biggest family owned alcohol producers in Europe.

It’s very sweet, surypu liqueur. Mouthfeel is very thick, overly sweet and have only hint of black currant. Nose and taste are both very deep, but all the berry aromas are hidden on the thick sugar layer. It’s not possible to drink this liqueur neat, unless you want to sip syrup together with your coffee or tea. Black currant aroma is too thin for cocktails, so I found this liqueur only for baking use. It can be used also to give some sugar and colour for long drinks.


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