Liviko Crafter’s Blueberry Gin (38%)

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Crafter’s is a brand of the Estonian Liviko Distillery. They produce five different gins under this brand. There are higher quality London Dry Gin and Aromatic Flower Gin, the basic version Distilled Gin (which can be found in all stores) and the flavored versions of Blueberry, Lingonberry and Raspberry Pink Gin.

Blueberry Crafter’s (now found in stores under the name Kingsmill) is simply blueberry-flavored gin. According to the manufacturer, all raw materials are found in nature, so no essences have been used. A 50 cl bottle costs around € 8.50.

The nose is very light, with a bit of sweet blueberry and a hint of something herbal in the background. The taste is light and soft, rather sweet. The aroma of blueberry is very delicate, and other herbs are difficult to recognise. By tasting it carefully, I can find some nuances of juniper berry and coriander. Continuing it with soda water will not make so much difference. A very light sweet blueberry remains, perhaps a slight hint of juniper berry.

Crafters Blueberry Gin is made for sale at a very cheap price in stores, so that’s also what quality is. A very light, sweetish, non-herbal, lean blueberry-flavored, very one-side product. It is best to drink neat on a shot glass. You can also drink it with tonic water of course, but you shouldn’t expect it to bring any extra taste to the drink. It’s an affordable supermarket gin with a light blueberry tinge.


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