Esbjaerg Copper Edition Vodka (40%)

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Esbjaerg is originally Danish vodka brand, but it is now manufactured in Holland by Boomsma Distillery. Esbjaerg was a very popular vodka brand in Denmark before the 2nd World War. There is a legend, where fisherman bring ice from the Greenland and that ice was melted and used for vodka production. 

In Copper Edition already column distiller rectified spirit is distilled once more in copper pot still. It should then bring some pot still taste to the vodka. So it’s not distilled only on pot still method. This same kind of method is also used by other vodka producers, like Smirnoff. Main grain for the spirit is wheat. The copper edition price is nearly the same as a normal Esbjaerg vodka, 70 cl bottle was 9.99€ at Rimi in Latvia.

Esbjaerg Copper Edition is neutral and typical wheat vodka. Smooth, a bit sweet, no savours or grain taste, light burn. Difficult to find any aromas of copper pot distillation. I suppose the rectified spirit is already so neutral that the copper distillation does not bring anything special for this. So the whole ‘copper edition’ here feels more like a marketing nip.

Anyway, it is well done, good wheat vodka, smooth and easy, with nice sweetness. Very light burn and not any bitterness on aftertaste bring this vodka to upper mid class level. Good and reasonable priced vodka for shooting and mixing. 


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