Flor De Cana 4 Extra Seco Rum (40%)

Flor De Cana’s story began in 1875 when a young Italian adventurer, Alfredo Francisco Pellas Cane, decided to risk everything. He left his family and safe life, and moved to exotic Nicaragua. After various attempts, 15 years later, he set up a distillery near the San Cristóbal volcano. There he found himself to have ideal conditions for rum production. Now, 150 years later, the Fifth Generation continues to operate this family business. 

Despite the many problems along the way, e.g. dictatorship, nationalization, volcanic eruptions, hyperinflation, etc. is a well-run family business with the largest stocks of matured rums in the world. The oldest rums sold by the company are 25 years old. The company began exporting outside Nicaragua in 1959 and also has a distillery in Honduras.

Flor De Cana rums are distilled five times and matured in ex-Bourbon barrels. The white rum is filtered clear after maturation. Although the bottle has the number 4, it is not a strict age rating. It mainly means that the oldest distillates used in it have been matured for four years. In Latvia a 70 cl bottle was on offer for € 12.99.

Flor De Cana is a strong rum. The aroma is light and neutral, with a slight sense of wood oak and light pepperiness. The taste is quite strong but still full-bodied, with dry pepperiness and a bit of a banana peel-like, fruity and grassy aroma. The burn is medium strong and the aftertaste becomes a slightly bitter aroma of lemon peel. The longer-than-usual maturation deepens the taste. Maturation gives its own mark, yet the rum is filtered so well that it is completely colorless and most of the aromas of the barrel have gone. The dry, slightly bitter aroma and pepperiness of the lemon zest make the rum as such uncomfortable when drunk it neat. But just these details make it excellent in cocktails, to which Flor De Cana 4 gives its strong and characteristic, original taste.


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