Gautier VSOP Cognac (40%)

Gautier VSOP is a blend of cognacs from different regions. The distillates have been matured for a minimum of four and a maximum of six years. It is one of the cheapest VSOP cognacs in Estonia and Latvia, a 50cl plastic bottle costs only € 15.50.

The aroma is very light, with a little honey, oak and a hint of vanilla. The taste is better than might be expected from the nose. Soft and sweetish, caramel, vanilla, a bit spicy, gently leathery. The aftertaste is long, has soft chocolate and gently spicy notes.

The taste is not very strong compared to some other VSOP-class cognacs. It is balanced and sophisticated, but nothing special is not raising up. When the bottle was opened, the taste was a bit dull, but when half of the bottle stood a little, oxidation opened up more flavors and made it smoother. VSOP doesn’t smell very different from VS, but the taste is so much better. Softer, more balanced, more matured. When the VSOP is only a few euros more expensive than its little brother, it’s definitely worth starting to familiarise with Gautier. However, it’s cheaper than most other VSOP’s, but at the same time, more flat and one-sided. 


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