Lillet Rose (17%)

Lillet Rose is fruitier and less herbal aperitif wine than better known Lillet Blanc. It’s a blend of different red and white wines, fruit liqueurs and herbs, matured for a few months in oak barrels. More about Lillet wine house is written in Lillet Blanc review. 75cl bottle costs 11.99€ at Vynoteka in Lithuania. 

Nose and taste are both fruity, light, it’s quite sweet but still very well balanced. Some herbs are on the nose, but taste is quite straightforward. There is fruit and a very small amount of bitterness, which vanish quickly. Anyway, it’s kinda delicious and easy to drink. It’s the best with ice cubes, soda water not needed to add, it’s enough light already. If you want to use Lillet on cocktails, their Blanc will be a better option. 


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