Luxardo Aperitivo (11%)

Aperitivo is Luxardo’s counter-traction to Aperol, an enormously popular Italian bitter aperitif. Aperative Luxardo is made by different herb infusions, roots and citrus fruits. Alcohol volume is the same as for Aperol, 11%. Luxardo is more popular from their Maraschino liqueur, which they published at the end of the 19th century and is well known among bartenders around the world. Purchase price for 70cl bottle was 7.99€. 

Aperitivo aroma is very pleasant, fresh, fruity, rich and attractively sweet. Taste has sweet citrus, herbs and is slightly bitter. Bitterness is more in the background and does not grow too strong at any point. Sweetness and bitterness are very well balanced, and sweetness does not disturb so much as in Aperol. Aperitivo is also a bit more bitter and herby. It has some kind of handcrafted feeling, when Aperol feels more like a mass produced product. It’s good to drink neat, excellent for cocktails. When it is also cheaper than Aperol, it’s certainly recommended if you can find it in your store. 


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