Santa Marta Limoncello (25%)

The Santa Marta liqueur product family is part of the Italian Gruppo Francol portfolio. In addition to Limoncello, the company produces a wide range of liqueurs, grappa and other distillates and also owns vineyards for wine production. Luigi was the first of the Francoli family to start distilling grappa in the Italian Alps in 1875. The actual industrial distillation activity began almost a hundred years later, in Piedmont. The Francoli Group has been born over the years, establishing new companies and merging competitors. In addition to various alcoholic beverages, Francoli also produces prosciutto and also specializes in the use of thermal energy in both distillation and electricity generation.

Santa Marta limoncello is made from lemon juice, lemon peel extract, neutral alcohol, sugar and water. Santa Marta Limoncello is quite well available in Estonia and a 50 cl bottle costs around € 9.

The aroma is pleasantly lemony and sweet. The color of the liqueur looks very natural, it is almost the color of freshly squeezed lemon juice and no yellow dye has been added like in many cheaper limoncellos. The taste is smooth, sweet-bitter and slightly spicy. The crisp taste of the lemon peel is strong. The taste is natural, nothing essence like is noticeable. The bitterness of the lemon peel is clearly stronger than in other limoncellos and after a couple of sips it starts to irritate. Santa Marta is a good, traditional limoncello and is very suitable for enjoying small portions after dinner.


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