RomanZero Limoncello (25%)

RomanZero Limoncello is an Italian lemon liqueur made by Dutch Cooymans Distillery. There is no information about the product on the Internet, it is mainly aimed at the Eastern European market and is one of the cheapest limoncello sold in Estonia. Traditionally, Limoncello is made by maceration of lemon peels in strong alcohol. After maceration, it is filtered and diluted with water and sweetened with sugar.

Limoncello’s strength is usually 30%, but many low-cost producers dilute it lower so they can sell it at an even cheaper price. Cooymans specializes in producing large batches of various alcohols and selling them cheaply, mainly in supermarkets in eastern-Europe. A half-liter bottle of RomanZero costs about € 9 in Estonia.

The color of RomanZero is very yellow, clearly more yellow than limoncellos in general. In the list of ingredients, tartrazine is mentioned, i.e. a colorant that gives the product a strong yellow color. The aroma is lightly lemonly and sweet. The taste is lightly lemony, soft and sugary.

The taste of lemon is somehow industrial, metallic and artificial. It is like a lemon, but without the acidity it should contain. Even the sweetness of the liqueur is just sweet, it’s not sour-sweet that comes from the right mix of sour and sweet. Luckily it is not too sweet, so in that case the liqueur is well balanced. The mouthfeel is quite watery and lean, it lacks the fullness that is achieved by long maceration.

RomanZero is a fast-made limoncello included essences and dyes. It is a typical Cooymans product, which unfortunately east-European markets are full of, at least the bottom-selfs in the supermarkets. RomanZer is a very poor Limoncello, which I urge you to avoid.


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