Villa Massa Limoncello (30%)

Villa Massa is a lemon liqueur made by the Italian Massa brothers, Sergio and Stefano. Its production was started in 1991 and it uses lemons grown exclusively in the province of Sorento. The lemons are peeled and the peels are extracted in strong alcohol. After a few days, the solution is filtered, sweetened with sugar and diluted with spring water. To get an authentic look, the liqueur has not been filtered completely clear, but there are still bits and sediment from the lemon. There are no preservatives, coloring or other additives. Villa Massa is said to be the best selling limoncello in Italy. A 50 cl bottle cost €14.99.

In the glass, Villa Massa is greenish yellow and slightly cloudy. The nose is lemony but also slightly spicy. The mouthfeel is thick, but Villa Massa is not as sweet as many other limoncellos. It’s rich and well balanced. The aroma of lemon peel stays in the mouth for a long time. The alcohol and the acidity of the lemon dry out the taste effectively, and together with the added sugar, the taste remains pleasantly sweet-sour from start to finish. The alcohol has a slight bite and it brings its own note, like it is grappa or some other wine distillate. Overall, the liqueur is very pleasant and the lemon flavor is natural. It’s best enjoyed neat, as a small portion at the end of a good meal. When mixed with sparkling water, it also works well as an aperitif. Villa Massa has earned its popularity, it is honest and fresh, exactly what you expect from limoncello.


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