Vana Tallinn Dark Liquorice (35%)

Vana Tallinn is a legendary Estonian liqueur. It has been manufactured by estonian company Liviko since 1960. Vana Tallinn is the most famous Estonian alcohol in the world. It is sold in more than 30 different countries. Vana Tallinn is based on rum produced in Jamaica. Various spice extracts and sugar have been added. There are more than ten herbs and spices used in total, of which vanilla, cinnamon and citrus fruit oils are the most important. In addition to the basic version, Vana Tallinna also has several different variations. Licorice root is the special herb on this liqueur variation. A 50cl bottle was €6.95.

Dark Liquorice is dark brown in the glass and sugary thick. The nose is spicy and sweet like traditional Vana Tallinn. In the background there is maybe a little licorice aroma. In the taste, licorice comes out strongly at the very beginning. There is also cinnamon and vanilla in the background, but licorice is clearly the dominant flavor. There is also a bit of salinity which is common in salted liquorice liqueurs. Dark Liquorice is a pretty good Vana Tallinn version and it suits well for those who enjoy licorice in general. For others, the licorice aroma may be a little too dominant.


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