Vana Tallinn Toffee Caramel (35%)

Over the past few years, Estonian leading alcohol producer Liviko has published several different flavor versions of legendary Vana Tallinn liqueur. The latest of them is flavored with cream toffee and it entered the market in 2021. Based on Jamaican rum, the liqueur is traditionally flavored with cinnamon, vanilla, star anise and a few other spices. Vana Tallinn Toffee is a seasonal product and is sold in ten countries and in a few tax-free stores. Like other flavor versions, Toffee Caramel  is also slightly lighter (35% ABV) than traditional Vana Tallinn. A 50 cl bottle cost €8.50 in Estonia.

The color is light brown, maybe a little darker than cognac. The nose is sweet and spicy. Caramel, roasted sugar, vanilla and a little anise. The taste is sweet and luscious. Cream toffee appears right at the beginning and it lasts throughout, although the spiciness slowly takes the role. The liqueur is not as sweet as I expected. Even the traditional Vana Tallinna is quite sweet, the added cream toffee promises a sugar bomb, but the liqueur is well balanced. Ethanol burns just suitably and evens out the excessive sweetness. The aftertaste is already a little drier and you can feel cinnamon, vanilla and cream toffee. Toffee Caramel is a very nice Vana Tallinn version, perhaps the best of them all. It is a little sweeter than the Original, maybe also less spicy, as toffee has a clear grip on the palate.

A couple of glasses goes very well, but then the sweetness and effusive toffee taste start to get too much. However, when sipped in small portions from time to time, it is a very good and well balanced liqueur.


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