Ballantine’s Brazil (35%)

Ballantine’s Brasil is a lime-infused spirit drink. Made by steeping Scotch whisky with Brazilian lime peel in oak cask. It’s later flavoured with vanilla and bottled to 35% strength. 70cl bottle was bought at 13.99€.  

Nose is very nice, fresh and fruity with a touch of vanilla. There is certainly lime peel on the taste, some fresh citrus and bitter notes with a bunch of vanilla. In the background, I can also feel some familiar Ballantine’s blended scotch. Taste is not as delicious as I would expect on the nose. It’s fresh and nice at the beginning, but the taste vanishes quickly and there is not so much left on the aftertaste, just slightly bitterness from the lime peel. There is a bit of sugar added but not too much, it’s not so sweet. As a whole, the product remains quite positive, the mixture of lime and whiskey is well made and the drink is well balanced and easy to sip.It’s pleasant on its own, but better with ice and mixed with soda water, apple juice or lemonade.  


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