Jack Daniel’s Honey (35%)

Honey-flavored whiskey liqueur has become one of the most popular products among American whiskey makers. Wild Turkey was one of the first to bring it to market, quickly followed by at least Evan Williams, Seagram and Jim Beam. As you might guess, sooner or later it has also found its way into Jack Daniels ’catalog. Jack Daniels Honey is a blend of Tennessee whiskey and honey liqueur made with real honey. In addition to honey, other sweeteners and small amounts of other spices have been used. A 50 cl bottle cost 13 euros in an Estonian grocery store.

The smell is sweet with a strong honey aroma. There are also oak, floral and slightly spicy aromas in the background. The mouthfeel is creamy and quite thick. The taste has caramel, milk chocolate, a little allspice and of course a fair dose of honey. The aftertaste is sweet, floral and slightly spicy. It is sweet, but it is not as intrusive as one might expect from the smell. The taste is balanced and quite smooth, but the alcohol bites surprisingly sharply.

Jack Daniels Honey is exactly what it promises, a blend of honey and whiskey. The aroma of honey is strong and dominant, but there are other nuances as well. The aroma of honey feels natural and does not have the feel of essence or flavor enhancers. The liqueur is not so sweet that it could not be easily enjoyed neat, but it is clearly better with an ice cube or a splash of water. For longer drinks it is suitable extended with soda water. I did not try but I would guess that with Cola or another sweet mixer the drink would become too sweet.

Jack Daniels Honey is a good whiskey liqueur. It is a good combination of sweetness and the sharpness of whiskey. However, the dominating honey taste turns out quite one-sided, so a couple of servings at a time will be enough for sure. However, it’s a pretty nice variation and is great for when you want a dose of something sweeter than whiskey.


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