Hlibny Dar Wheat (40%)

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Hlibny Dar is a Ukrainian vodka that has already been featured three times on this blog. It is very popular in Ukraine and in the world sales statistics in the Top10 at the fifth place. Probably even higher in 2022, due to various world political reasons after February 2022. It is manufactured by the Bayadera Group and production takes place at the National Horilka Company plant in Cherkasy province. Whereas a Hlibny Dar classic vodka was made of a mixture of different grain qualities (wheat, barley and rye, Wheat is made only from wheat. Wheat is the most typical grain used in east-Europe and most of the most famous brands like Russian Standard and Beluga are made from it. Hlibny Dar Wheat is widely available in the Baltic countries. A 50 cl bottle costs about €7.50 in Estonia

The nose is light and has a soft ethanol aroma. Soft in the sense that it doesn’t sting the nose. The taste is rather smooth and neutral. There is not the grain aroma that is quite strong in the classic version of Hlibny Dar. Wheat vodkas are in general rather neutral in taste. The taste is quite dry, it doesn’t have the sweet note at the beginning that you find in many other vodkas that have been softened with a small amount of glucose syrup or other sweetener. The alcohol burn is minimal, except for a light burn in the throat at the end. A fine bitter nuance remains in the aftertaste. Hilbny Dar Wheat is very well made, smooth and dry vodka. It can be recommended to those who are looking for a neutral vodka for e.g. making cocktails. As a schnapps at the dinner table, I would prefer Hlibny Dar Classic vodka, which had a more grainy aroma.


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