Lapponia Polar Cranberry Liqueur (21%)

Lapponia is a traditional Finnish liqueur producer, which is now owned by the world’s second largest alcohol producer Pernod Ricard. However, liqueurs are still produced in Turku, Finland. According to the manufacturer, Lapponia liqueurs are made by traditional methods from berry extraction. There is 330g sugar per liter. The price of a 50cl bottle in Estonia will be about 9 €.

The aroma is pleasantly cranberrish. The mouthfeel is thick, the liqueur is clearly very sweet, but due to the acidity of the cranberry it is not super sweet. The taste of cranberries is natural and sharp, alcohol also bits slightly, although the percentage nowadays is commonly used 21%. After sipping it a couple times, the rich sweetness level already begins to be felt and the aftertaste becomes the syrupuness and stickiness of the sugar.

There is a certain depth in the taste, so I could assume that the liqueur is indeed made by extracting the berries, and not just by mixing juice, spirits and sugar. It’s a nice liqueur when drinking a small glass, but because of the rich sugar content, I don’t want to enjoy it more at once. There is enough power in the flavor that the liqueur can also be used in various mixed drinks.


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