Liviko Raspberry Liqueur (21%)

Estonian Liviko Distillery have among wide spirit selection also few liqueurs and  raspberry liqueur is one of them. Due to the producer website it is made by raspberry juice and raspberry flavouring. It is bottled on a 50cl plastic bottle, which price in Estonia is around 6€.

Like Liviko’s wild strawberry liqueur, their raspberry liqueur is also artificial and very sweet. It has a sweet berry like aroma, in the taste raspberries already clearly exist. The liqueur is just too sweet, almost incapable for drinking neat. A 4 cl serving over dinner goes as a sweet dessert, but there is a limit. The aroma of raspberries is clearly industrial, the essence or flavor enhancer is acutely felt.

Liviko’s own serving recommendation for the liqueur is to enjoy it with crushed ice, which improves the taste a bit, but then the artificial aroma stands out more strongly. And even if you add soda water to it, it’s still too sweet. Rather, the liqueur is suitable for cocktails to which it is added only a drop. You can try to use it instead of Chambord for French Martin.

The price is affordable as in all liqueurs from Liviko and other major manufacturers in Estonia. And in this price range, liqueurs by the traditional method of infusing whole berries in spirit just can’t be made. Livikon’s Raspberry Liqueur is a somewhat useless product. Anyone can make a much better liqueur at home by mixing raspberries, sugar and vodka and waiting a few months.


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