Voruta Blackcurrant Herbal Bitter (30%)

Voruta is a brand of a Lithuanian winery located in the small town of Anykščiai. Both berry wines and bitters are produced under the name Voruta. There are two versions of bitters available, one with black currant and another one flavoured with cranberry. Anykščių Vynas Winery was established almost 100 years ago, to produce wines and other beverages from the berries of our own country.

Voruta blackcurrant bitter is based on rectified spirit produced in Lithuania, mixed with blackcurrant juice concentrate and seasoned with thyme and lemongrass. After a short standing, the solution is cold filtered and bottled in 50cl bottles. The selling price for the product is approximately 7.50 €.

It has a strong blackcurrant aroma, with a light herbiness in the background. The taste is very soft, rich in blackcurrant and a little sweet. The light taste of thyme is felt in the aftertaste, but otherwise the herbs do not stand out from the strong taste of blackcurrant. Bitter is perhaps a bit misleading, there is so little bitterness in it. It’s more a blackcurrant schnapps with a very light herbal touch. The drink is similar to the blackcurrant version of Riga Black Balsam, but does not quite reach its level. In any case, good and high quality, well balanced and nicely enjoyable schnapps.


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